Expo Village Italy

Expo Village Italy

di Giancarlo Antonini

It is underway the 2018 European Tour of Expo Village Italy, the particular format of Excellence, born with the dedication to foreign business opportunities for top-quality enterprises.

The original idea builds upon the project can be summarized in the following slogan: agri-food tourism and craft trades, a unique asset to promote Made in Italy.

Thanks to two Export Managers, to innovative communication tools as well as in conjunction with cross-border motorsport events, we will contribute to boosting the Italian businesses willing to enter foreign markets. !!!!

The format is facilitated by Eskaton International, an established agency specializing in business networks and insourcing-related matters. It aims to encourage companies belonging to the agri-food, tourism and handicraft industries, already members of the Eccellenza dono di natura® and to those that will join by 28th February 2018, with a range of promoting and supporting actions for trade entry in some foreign markets.

The project’s organizational framework Eccellenza dono di natura® also meets the research’s need for new markets and supports companies in all phases.

Expo Village Italy is an exclusive itinerant forum that will be set up in foreign locations. Inside the Expo Village Italy will be presented our tourism – cultural proposals to foster the incoming tourist activities, optimizing costs of enterprises’ submission and their products in foreign markets.

Accordingly, our ultimate target with Expo Village Italy is to set favourable conditions for trade agreements transactions for an immediate changeover with market operators, importers, buyers, tour-operators, potential buyers. In this regards meetings will be held to formalize joint-ventures as well as B2B, B2C, workshops, seminars for specific promotional activities to feeding the new wave of negotiations.

Project endorsed by: Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage and Tourism

Who are: Eccellenza dono di natura gathers micro and small enterprises which represent the best of made in Italy. Unique trips, exquisite food, exclusive handmade products are blended in a communal way which embodies the excellence of our land: the most beautiful gift that we have received by Mother Nature.

Eccellenza dono di natura is a brand by Eskaton International

Info: eventi@eccellenza.eu
Phone (+39) 6 99196131 – Fax (+39) 6 233237912

About Giancarlo Antonini: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/openin-exp-gcarloantonini

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